I'm Elija Montgomery, and I am the designer and maker of all Call Me Cornelius products.
At its core, Call Me Cornelius is about addressing individuals' unique styles, no matter who you are. I care about producing quality products and providing quality service, all while keeping material waste at a minimum.
If you’re looking for run of the mill bow ties, keep looking. Call Me Cornelius embraces different, asymmetrical, versatile, and multifunctional design. When I first embarked on bow tie creation, I wanted to take advantage of the act of tying the bow, and to push the restrictions of the bow tie shape. So far five original un-tied designs and five original pre-tied designs are used, along with a few classic patterns. More designs are in development, as are some atypical textiles techniques.


My father, Keith Cornelius Phillips Montgomery, was always asking for new and exciting bow ties. Fed-up with being unable to find any to do a man with such a name justice, I began to make them in the summer of 2011. Being truly my father’s son, I soon fell in love with bow ties. That fall I began developing and creating my own unique designs, using alternative materials and asymmetry. Call Me Cornelius was born, and the rest, they say, is history.